Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nostradamus and Prophecies of the Next Millennium

Nostradamus and Prophecies of the Next MillenniumNext Millennium: New age or Doomsday?

Bestselling author of the complete prophecies of Nostradamus, once again presents :
The prophecies of Nostradamus with fresh explanations and contexts of the major changes that will shake entire world in the coming years.

. Has time come for the third worldwar?
. What would be the future of different countries and their leaders?
. What would end : Terrorism or the World?

With the evidence drawn from the other prophecies as well sharma also establishes that in the coming millennium:

. Another antichrist shall cause the worldwar-III
. Several ancient nation may drown in the sea
. A world government shall be formed

Includes an introduction to his life, a special chapter on India beased on predictions of the legend called Nostradamus and many other interesting features. The original French Quatrains and English Translation are set side-by-side with interpretation by A.K. Shama.

Ashok K. Sharma

Best selling author of the complete prophecies of Nostradamus

Diamond Pocket Books

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Think from you awake

Is a huge gift, Almighty Allah bestows sense to humans. Humans can make sense to think which one is best for themselves. Something that sets it apart from other creatures of God, animals for example.

But man lives not only with their minds, but also with passion. In the course of life, not infrequently even the desire to be the commander of the king. More extreme, to enslave their minds. And during that time, be a man; blind ', unable to think. Just like animals, and even more astray again.

Supposing life is only the world, to hell with it all. Human free-living freely, which is important I'm glad I won. But Allah the mighty Creator, the All Knowing and (hence) the All Wise did not want that.

All human kind need and must use their minds to think for the sake of potential future. If negligent, would be sorry. Trouble is, when it should begin?

Harun Yahya

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Muhammad S.A.W.

Sheikh Muhammad Ali al-Birgawi

Moral and Spiritual Enchantment of the Apostles

To emulate the Prophet's way of life is a requirement to love and be loved by God. Say, If you love Allah, follow me, Allah will love you (Q. 3:31). As confirmed by a creed, we will not be able to the core of la ilaha illallah Muhammad without going through the door. Because Muhammad is the Shari'a in human form. Because of the way to God must follow the path of Muhammad.

Al Thariqoh Muhammadiyah - the original title of this book, mnyajikan beautiful and profound description of the sunnah of Allah Rasululloh., Traits, attitudes, habits and forms of worship. More than a handbook on law and ethics, the work of classical scholars is to improve the quality of spiritual guidance. This book will guide readers step by step to understand, appreciate and emulate the spiritual moral consciousness of the Prophet Muhammad-the model of all time.

Sufi of Muhammad became a valuable friend to the believers who want to feel the sweetness of the nature of prophethood and always striving toward the spiritual path of Allah SWT.

"This work is like rain water that nourish the spiritual soil in a long while barren and dry. Imam al Birgawi trying to turn the sunna of Muhammad not only with his behavior as is necessary (the prophet), but also by teaching people how to digest the spiritual experience of the Prophet. In this way, readers can find personal solutions to problems of the age, buakn just repeating the past answers.

Vincent J. Cornell. Professor of History and Director
Fadh King Center for Middle East and Islamic Studies
University of Arkansas.

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