Wednesday, April 8, 2009

La tahzan

One of the best book, fenomenal and become best-seller in the world and in Indonesia. (DR 'Aidh Al-Qarni).

Reading this book is a bit of give consciousness but found themselves in the book about the case above it is not complete so what is obtained for fully.
Thank you.

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Kangen Band - New Album

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Kangen Band simply appear from the low-community. Attendance Kangen Band indicator that a democratization play music to grow in this country.
(Frans Sartono, Kompas reporters)

Lyrics and songs Kangen band is able to create a silent the hatred.
(Yenny Yudica, razor blade - RCTI)

Kangen Band is still as the band of interest by community with the best rating and response community level.
(Febry Meuthia, Music producer - SCTV)

Kangen band appear is that they so separated in to create.
(Zudarlis Elfira, Executive Producer, Insert - Trans TV)

Kangen band is one of the pioneer Malay pop music modern and may have a nickname as the King of Pop Melayu.
(Kertawiguna Rahayu, Presdir Nagaswara Music & Publishing)

They come to realize the dream, hated by that do not understand, but until now much more love.
(Radjasa Tri Adisukma, GM Universal Music Indonesia)

Musically development of the first album to the third Kangen band have a lot of progress is quite significant.
(Jusak Irwan Sutiono, Managing Director, Warner Music Indonesia)

April 16, 2009

Live performance
April 18, 2009

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Four Musketeers

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There's no other shit... do not click

I TOLD YOU...!!!

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Our Distributor

We want to create culture like India have to read and write,
so we will give you the hi - quality books through your hands.

RMBooks track record of intelligent action and real:
loopy intellectual, activists, artists, bureaucrats politicians, celebrities,
and even grassroot people.

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Gedung Graha Pena Lt. 8
Jl. Kebayoran Lama No. 12,

Tel. 021-53699507 (hunting)
ext. 742, 53651495 (direct)
Fax. 021-53671716

Direct Distributor : My own self, Andri Zoom (+6221) 91137270

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Friendly Islam to other Nation

Author: Prof. Dr. Hamka passed Haq, MA.

This book is to present a comprehensive understanding of the character grace for Islam to all nation. Through this approach reinterpretatif-fiqhiyah up a number of Al-Quran verses and message prophethood, the author offers an implementation that is compatible with Islamic in Indonesian breath and democracy.

Syari'ah are contextually maqashid Syari'ah. This book discusses the full variety of dimensions related to the relationship of Islam and nationalism, among others; pluralism, and culturisation of Syari'ah, gender, justice, democracy, etc.

Price: Rp 64,000

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I am close, so do You

Note a small representative of the people
Author: A. Helmy Faishal Zaini

Throbbing political struggle for small people clearly envisaged in this book. As a young politician, who was born from the field of reform activism in 1998, A. Helmy Faishal Zaini articulate to be able in progress and ideas in this book in a way that very return.

Analyzed in a critical way to reform the nation at this time, and was carried out together with a number of writers during the political struggle in the DPR RI to get the final aim of policy in a number of people that a small pro.

In addition, the strategy also described the political struggle through at the grassroots level.

Price: Rp 38.000

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Friday, April 3, 2009

23 Character Options of the Youth People

Author: Dr. Aziz Syamsuddin

In each historical episode, the youth always the role and function as agent of change. They are the people with excellent character.

Among them are figures bin Umar Aziz Tan Malaka, and as a precedent in the field political, Larry Page and Akio Morita in the economic, Yap Thiam Hien and Baharuddin Lopa in the field of law,

Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa in the field of religion and many Other leaders who have caracters which should be a role model for the young.

This book includes 23 characters that are important to select and owned by the Indonesian youth.

Price: Rp 35.000
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Manuscript : Ir. Sarjadi Soelardi Hardjosoepoetro
Author: Ir. Sarjadi Soelardi Hardjosoepoetro

Editor: Heru Lelono

This book is the work of a very academic valuable and to be witness history from tussle in the land of sugar water, since the 1824 VOC until the time of intensification of sugar cane in 1976.

In addition to review the history, this book also contains reviews, technical reviews and the sugar industry advices for writers to develop sugar industry from various aspects. Start from the management system, the pattern cooperation contracts with farmers, pricing sugar cane and others.

Given the book review the history books that sugar very rarely found, then this book ought to read by the historian also by practitioners who wrestle in the sugar industry in the country.

Rp. 75000 (Hard)
Rp. 52000 (soft)
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Arrange Party Politics

In current of Indonesian Democratic
Author: Firman Subagyo

Establish a political party is the right of each citizen country. But democracy requires substance; the welfare of the people.

The growth of political parties is the number of potential substance of the purpose of nation and the state. Stage should be a political event to improve the welfare of the race people, can turn the direction of interest only to the leader of the right party.

In fact, a political party is a pillar of democracy. If the pillars are not strong, it will be a serious threat to the sustainability of democracy in Indonesia. Therefore, political parties had turned it back to the correct paths in the democratization in Indonesia, the responsibility of us all.

Price: Rp 38.000
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Industry of Politics

Politics of Investment Strategy

Democracy in the Market

Authors: Ruslan Ismail Mage

This book contains strategies how to invest smartly in the political world. Capital may be small but results should be the maximum.

Capital so that the planted sweet fruit in the political market, then the candidate the absolute need to understand the strategy investment more telling. Regardless of the capital will never be prepared enough if you do not know how to expenditure it -in other way- to spent it out. Conversely if the investment strategy, politics can be very cheap.

For the politicians who want to fight in market democracy as a read this book.

Price: Rp 42,000
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Secret prayer reading

Cool meanings in the middle of worship devoted
author: A. Fariz Immawan

This is the book that criticize secret behind reading every prayer. A book that leads readers dive depth the meaning of worship that is done every day.

Language with a lightweight and compact, this book is the one at a property reading prayer for the perpetrators themselves. It will bring to us how unprofitly of the empty and routines as stark. We will also be considered that prayer-book reading is in fact consistent, co-exist and continue to connect from the beginning to the end, since the takbir prayers.

Truly, the book is rich from the meaning and worthy to be read.

Price: Rp 35.000

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