Friday, November 13, 2009

Life is easy!

Life is easy!A simple shortcut to live our destiny

In this modern era, with the rapid change and intense competition, we are often busy to the point of fatigue
because we believe that success can be achieved only at the expense of a balanced lifestyle. However, most successful people do not have to work too hard. In Do Less, Achieve More, the international bestselling author Chin-Ning Chu explains how to avoid this cycle and at the same time learn to be peaceful and productive.

In this book we will learn about;


  • Three secrets of our potential
  • Focusing on the work, focusing action, and balancing life
  • Achieve goals by working and surrender without having fear
  • Time and peace of mind to enjoy the work

    In a chaotic world, Chin-Ning Chu, an expert changes the twenty-first century and farsighted, slow our heart rate and inspire our souls yearning eternal success. The combination of unlimited policies and the right advice for the victory himself.

    Chin-Ning Chu

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    Turmoil Management

    Turmoil ManagementFor the modern family, educate their children, especially they are who have teenagers, often becomes a serious problem that is difficult to look for a solution. Modern facilities,
    which they consider to bridge the educational process between them whome super busy and hungry children will love their parents, turned out to increase the weight mounting problem.

    The teenager ran away from the comfort of their affection from the other parent; friends, television and other mass media, until the illegal drug. Adolescents became increasingly difficult to control and tumultuous growth.

    This book is about the emergence of turbulence is almost certainly descend adolescents, factors leading to its appearance (internal and external), dangers, and how a scientific way, has no bad side effects and effective in reducing adolescent turmoil. IF you are concerned about your teen's future, so you need to read this book.

    Dr. Arkam Rida

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    Saturday, November 7, 2009

    Bidder tired bearers mission

    Bidder tired bearers missionAdvices from our Prophet

    Your fatigue and pain have finished. Everything turned into joy, prosperity, and pleasure. Rewards and again rewards has been apparent to you, and God will add more of His gifts.

    He also will glorify you with glory in accordance with glory and mercy. At that moment you will wish if only your business in this religious path more and more. If you wake up at night because God is more and more active again. If you sacrifice in Allah's way is more and more. If your going away from the world more frequently and much more.

    In fact, you wish such as a martyr, if only you are returned to the world and killed in Allah's way, then turned on, then killed again because you've witnessed the grace and glory bestowed on the martyrs.

    Dr. Abdullah Azzam

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    TAO Smart Book

    TAO Smart BookTAO complete guide to healing body and soul

    TAO smart book is about healing and emphasizes the limitless capacity requires us to give and receive love.

    This book helps us maintain and drive the preoccupations of the past and the future. Also helps us see the body and the symptoms and focus on the compassion and healing.

    Read the silence and comfort. Equipped with a vacuum. Let the words he surrounds you. And let all the work.

    This book is not for one-time reading, because each page like a beautiful flower that strengthen and breathtaking grandeur when he saw her. This book is suitable for you, because it was full of love, affection and tenderness.

    Editor: Temperature & Lili Sun Ho Tao

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    Tuesday, November 3, 2009

    King of Brawijaya

    King of BrawijayaGreat King of Binathara Ambeg Fair Paramarta

    DR. Purwadi, M. Hum.

    King Brawijaya is the king of Majapahit who have left the national
    spirit and statehood. The golden age of Majapahit Kingdom is always be remembered from time to time with a full sense of pride.

    Large area, authoritative government, strong military, the people prosperous, advanced education, control of marine and maritime culture is developing a glorious achievement, carved by King Brawijaya who had a palace in the capital in Trowulan.

    Such a great influence in the stage of national history, so any contemporary leader emerging today will always try to claim he was descended from King Brawijaya. Political legitimacy that this genetic magical indeed give confidence among local and national leaders. They are taken cared for King Brawijaya remains the reference, reflection and inspiration.

    The quality of this book gives a systematic description and the integral of the intricacies of life, leadership and spirituality of the king of Majapahit.

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    Effective Branding

    Effective BrandingConcepts and Applications of healthy and strong brand development.

    Prof. Agus W. Soehadi, Ph.D.

    This book explains
    the link and correlation between the strong of a brand and the ability to bring in cash flow for the company's earnings depend on how far the brand can enhance the total customer base more effectively than its competitors.

    Therefore, brand development should refer to how far the brand can attract new customers and how much customers can continue to survive and remain committed to the brand.

    This book is not just talking about the concept of 'an sich', but also into the realm of down to earth business in Indonesia. Case examples deliberately presented to illustrate both the ease in understanding the concepts discussed, such as brand personalities, customer value and value innovation, excellence services, experiental branding and brand audits.

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