Tuesday, November 3, 2009

King of Brawijaya

King of BrawijayaGreat King of Binathara Ambeg Fair Paramarta

DR. Purwadi, M. Hum.

King Brawijaya is the king of Majapahit who have left the national
spirit and statehood. The golden age of Majapahit Kingdom is always be remembered from time to time with a full sense of pride.

Large area, authoritative government, strong military, the people prosperous, advanced education, control of marine and maritime culture is developing a glorious achievement, carved by King Brawijaya who had a palace in the capital in Trowulan.

Such a great influence in the stage of national history, so any contemporary leader emerging today will always try to claim he was descended from King Brawijaya. Political legitimacy that this genetic magical indeed give confidence among local and national leaders. They are taken cared for King Brawijaya remains the reference, reflection and inspiration.

The quality of this book gives a systematic description and the integral of the intricacies of life, leadership and spirituality of the king of Majapahit.