Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Free from Google Books

Free Google Book of the rumor is now circulating that Google Book Search already support two million book titles, and publishers diramaikan by 20,000, and the 70 domain of the world. The number of titles which is of course very much different with the Kindle (Amazon owned) only able to serve 240,000 titles and more benefits Cornwall Search the Google Book Search for free memberlakukannya this memanfaatan for all facilities in it, and to purchase any books for free without have to pay.

So now you can easily find books school books, educational books, architecture books, and other lainnya.Yang opportunity I try when I try to find the Book Physics Book, Google Book Search directly provide its thousands of books have sequential book about physics in the show.

Such as: Dictionary of physics: modern physics, Cartoon Physics, signs of al-Qur'an and as-Sunnah, Smart Learning about Science & Technology Physics, Physics Book Smart, Kumpulan Formula Junior Physics, Physics Formula Collection SMA, Practical Learning Physics, Quantum Ikhlas: Teknologi activation strength of the heart and many more others.

Use Google Book Search.Com or The Book Indonesia
Satu Lagi Kelebihan Fasilitas ini ternyata setelah saya Coba menggunakan kata kunci Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009 dapat di temukan Buku Buku yang relevan dengan tema Pemilu . One More Excess Facilities is enough after I Try to use keywords of Peace Campaign Election 2009 Indonesia can find at Books Books that are relevant to the theme of elections.

Obviously Facilities Free Books from Google and this should be able to promote the Education and Science of Indonesia.

And I strongly recommend this facility so that students' high school student elementary school and junior high school students can better maximize the ease of Google ini.Dalam framework for the National Exam in addition of course Download Soal Soal Test Nasional (UAN 2009) of course free from Google Books will be able to support this way students learning online.

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Free Download Depdiknas E-Book

After several times I tried to e-book backed the ministry website 'depkdiknas.go.id' it's always failed. After trying several times and ask for suggestions from fellas, they finally given me a link to some backed depkdiknas e-book from the fileserver jardiknas.

"The aim" is so simple, I downloaded books for print & I made the master in order to photocopy school children in my environment.

Hopefully this event I get the blessings & benefits ...


Friendship greeting from me.

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Thank you brow!!!

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