Monday, December 14, 2009

Gagal itu Baik

Gagal itu BaikBuild your own potential with the power fail finding energy boundless success of the newly emerging after we experienced a failure.

Many people collapsed after one failure, while others bounce back and succeed. What distinguishes them? Apparently, they ignore the 'gift' which called FAILURE.

Do not be afraid of failure. Because failure is beautiful, delicious, fun, challenging, motivating and causing a huge success. So should we see the failure from a positive perspective, as the initial phase of success, as we shall remember as the most beautiful memories.

In this book, Nistains Odop change our perspective about the failure. If we believe that true success begins dai change of mind, then this book about the failure of the stake will put you on the way of success.

Publisher Media Pressindo

Nistains Odop

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Rolex Submariner

Rolex SubmarinerRolex Submariner is one type of clock that I want to have in my collection. I am not willing to have several Rolex Datejust rolex origin can have this type. My ultimate goal is to Rolex with a date ref.16610 because I think the responsibility has at no date.

My preference of Submariner No Date (ND) change when I entrusted a Rolex Sub-ND from a friend who will be given to my other friends. It was my first time to see, touch and attention to detail of the Sub-ND. Apparently my opinion to be changed! Sub ND turned out to be at a very elegant without losing his masculine element.

The design is very simple and because there is no function on the whole face became visible at symmetrical and clean. I also observe that the first generation of Submariner also do not use the date and the design after. Finding and collecting items like this is really fun.

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Speak up your mind with Ooma

Allow me to start my writing this time by saying that I've really left the traditional telephone service and switch to the Ooma phone with unlimited calls cost low across America. If I used to make a call, I can say that this product sounds more clear than using conventional phone!

Okay okay okay, enough about the quality of the sound... So how about the settings anyway?

Convenience buttons on the Ooma can I use to listen to messages, call display, etc., is very great satisfactory. Please note that I hate voice mail so much because of the inconvenience of how to use it. Now, I only press, listen, delete, save, skip, pause, and stop. Voila! Could not be easier!

Thank you for reading this simple ooma review. I hope this can be a little help for you all when you guys intend to make a purchase online!

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For all backpackers in the world there are different types hostels so you will have to make a detailed investigation before the end of your dorm. There are several types of facilities that are open 24 hours and often visitors come during the day. is one of the best available hostel guidance you can find on the Internet. So, if you do not like too much noise and prefers the peace and to select as appropriate hostel. There is a hostel, which allows certain foreign-age, so you should keep in mind that before you choose your Hostel Booking process. Don't wait any longer guys.
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Friday, December 11, 2009

Sketsa Tokoh Suroboyo

Sketsa Tokoh SuroboyoFigure is not always associated with higher rank and a formal degree or the top of the pyramid of power/structural formal government.

Figure sketch Suroboyo Sketsa Tokoh Suroboyo is more a place of someone who is closely linked with the struggles, achievements and personal integrity that is based because sincerity. Because it's natural if there is a character in a sketch book Suroboyo may not know so much seems so subjective. But whatever the facts, after reading it, can inspire the steps that should, if we can do in the community.

Feeling nostalgic reading this book. I like being remainded back, it was so much the character of Surabaya's and provides great inspiration for the nation.

Agus Wahyudi

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What would Buddha do at work?

What would Buddha do at work?What would Buddha do at work? shows how the Buddha in various aspects of today's work world, including how to deal with a difficult boss, customer service,
facilitate work groups, hire the right people, providing effective leadership and overcome the constant changes.

Taught by using examples, the authors present values based on business practices rooted in Buddhist wisdom that knows no time constraints led us to the point of personal satisfaction and organizational success.

Franz Metclaf & BJ Gallagher Hateley
PT Buana Ilmu Populer
Gramedia Group

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Meet Imam Mahdi the conqueror of Dajjal

Meet Imam Mahdi the conqueror of DajjalNarrated by Abdullah ra; "When we were with the Prophet suddenly came a young man from Banu Hashim, which transformed his face. That's why we say,
Muhammad, we had a quick look at your face something that we are not glad to see him. Nabi Allah said, We are the Ahlul Bait. God has chosen for our lives from the life Hereafter. And the Ahlul baitku be killed after me, the face of disaster, displaced and persecuted, until one day the owner came a flag, black flag from the east There are demanding the truth. The people do not give it. They fought and ultimately, victory. They give them what they want, but they do not want to accept it. And they menyerahkannyakepada a man from the Ahl al baitku. Then he filled the earth with justice same as before they filled it with oppression.

Therefore whoever of you have those days, let him come even have to crawl on the snow. Because he was al-Mahdi [Mahdi].

Following the successful first three books have been published previously, dialogue with the Muslim jinn (March 1995), The Earth's inhabitants before we (July 1996) and Dajjal will emerged from the Bermuda Triangle (September 1996) this time Muhammad Isa Dawud comes back with his fourth book.

In this book described the following particulars Mahdi terjangnya football in eradicating and combating injustice, uphold justice and truth and destroy the evil forces of the Antichrist and his followers at the end of time.

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Chinese Love Signs

Chinese Love SignsUsing the secrets of the ancient Chinese zodiac to find True Love

Discover how the Chinese Zodiac can help you find your perfect partner

What's your sign? Are you a romantic Rat, steady Ox, perspective Rabbit, dynamic Dragon, prudent Snake, shy Sheep, or wild and witty Mongkey? Whatever your sign, Chinese Love Sign is your guide as you set off on the road to romance.

Whereas the Western zodiac is determined by the month in which you were born, the Chinese zodiac signs correspond to twelve-year cycles, with each sign represented by a special animal selected by Buddha himself and backed by 5,000 years of success.

Author L.A. Justice explains how each of the twelve animal personalities relates to the other signs. Each chapter is devided into the following sections ;

  • Personality profile
  • Her heart
  • His heart
  • Lucky in love?
  • For better or worse
  • Written in the stars

  • Are you a sexy Tiger wondering whether the sociable Horse is right for you? Find out in Chinese Love Signs the perfect companion to help you in your search for true love.

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    Friday, December 4, 2009

    How to pass Advertising

    How to pass AdvertisingThird Level

    This is one of range of books preparing students for the London Chamber of Commerce and
    Industry Examinations Board (LCCIEB) examinations. Its content is invaluable for those seeking to gain the LCCIEB internationally recognized qualification in Third Level Advertising.

    . How-to-pass books are written by LLCIEB Chief Examiners
    . This book covers the entire syllabus and study of it will equip a student to pass the LCCIEB examination
    . This book is aimed both at native speakers and those who use English as a second language. Explanations are simple and comprehensive
    . This book builds up knowledge of the subhect gradually and systematically
    . This book has been reviewed by experts
    . Suggested answers to questions are structured in the manner required by Examiners indicating the key points in each answer

    Tutors and candidates may wish to consider subscribing to LCCIEB's Examiners Reports and Model Answers.

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    Friday, November 13, 2009

    Life is easy!

    Life is easy!A simple shortcut to live our destiny

    In this modern era, with the rapid change and intense competition, we are often busy to the point of fatigue
    because we believe that success can be achieved only at the expense of a balanced lifestyle. However, most successful people do not have to work too hard. In Do Less, Achieve More, the international bestselling author Chin-Ning Chu explains how to avoid this cycle and at the same time learn to be peaceful and productive.

    In this book we will learn about;


  • Three secrets of our potential
  • Focusing on the work, focusing action, and balancing life
  • Achieve goals by working and surrender without having fear
  • Time and peace of mind to enjoy the work

    In a chaotic world, Chin-Ning Chu, an expert changes the twenty-first century and farsighted, slow our heart rate and inspire our souls yearning eternal success. The combination of unlimited policies and the right advice for the victory himself.

    Chin-Ning Chu

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    Turmoil Management

    Turmoil ManagementFor the modern family, educate their children, especially they are who have teenagers, often becomes a serious problem that is difficult to look for a solution. Modern facilities,
    which they consider to bridge the educational process between them whome super busy and hungry children will love their parents, turned out to increase the weight mounting problem.

    The teenager ran away from the comfort of their affection from the other parent; friends, television and other mass media, until the illegal drug. Adolescents became increasingly difficult to control and tumultuous growth.

    This book is about the emergence of turbulence is almost certainly descend adolescents, factors leading to its appearance (internal and external), dangers, and how a scientific way, has no bad side effects and effective in reducing adolescent turmoil. IF you are concerned about your teen's future, so you need to read this book.

    Dr. Arkam Rida

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    Saturday, November 7, 2009

    Bidder tired bearers mission

    Bidder tired bearers missionAdvices from our Prophet

    Your fatigue and pain have finished. Everything turned into joy, prosperity, and pleasure. Rewards and again rewards has been apparent to you, and God will add more of His gifts.

    He also will glorify you with glory in accordance with glory and mercy. At that moment you will wish if only your business in this religious path more and more. If you wake up at night because God is more and more active again. If you sacrifice in Allah's way is more and more. If your going away from the world more frequently and much more.

    In fact, you wish such as a martyr, if only you are returned to the world and killed in Allah's way, then turned on, then killed again because you've witnessed the grace and glory bestowed on the martyrs.

    Dr. Abdullah Azzam

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    TAO Smart Book

    TAO Smart BookTAO complete guide to healing body and soul

    TAO smart book is about healing and emphasizes the limitless capacity requires us to give and receive love.

    This book helps us maintain and drive the preoccupations of the past and the future. Also helps us see the body and the symptoms and focus on the compassion and healing.

    Read the silence and comfort. Equipped with a vacuum. Let the words he surrounds you. And let all the work.

    This book is not for one-time reading, because each page like a beautiful flower that strengthen and breathtaking grandeur when he saw her. This book is suitable for you, because it was full of love, affection and tenderness.

    Editor: Temperature & Lili Sun Ho Tao

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    Tuesday, November 3, 2009

    King of Brawijaya

    King of BrawijayaGreat King of Binathara Ambeg Fair Paramarta

    DR. Purwadi, M. Hum.

    King Brawijaya is the king of Majapahit who have left the national
    spirit and statehood. The golden age of Majapahit Kingdom is always be remembered from time to time with a full sense of pride.

    Large area, authoritative government, strong military, the people prosperous, advanced education, control of marine and maritime culture is developing a glorious achievement, carved by King Brawijaya who had a palace in the capital in Trowulan.

    Such a great influence in the stage of national history, so any contemporary leader emerging today will always try to claim he was descended from King Brawijaya. Political legitimacy that this genetic magical indeed give confidence among local and national leaders. They are taken cared for King Brawijaya remains the reference, reflection and inspiration.

    The quality of this book gives a systematic description and the integral of the intricacies of life, leadership and spirituality of the king of Majapahit.

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    Effective Branding

    Effective BrandingConcepts and Applications of healthy and strong brand development.

    Prof. Agus W. Soehadi, Ph.D.

    This book explains
    the link and correlation between the strong of a brand and the ability to bring in cash flow for the company's earnings depend on how far the brand can enhance the total customer base more effectively than its competitors.

    Therefore, brand development should refer to how far the brand can attract new customers and how much customers can continue to survive and remain committed to the brand.

    This book is not just talking about the concept of 'an sich', but also into the realm of down to earth business in Indonesia. Case examples deliberately presented to illustrate both the ease in understanding the concepts discussed, such as brand personalities, customer value and value innovation, excellence services, experiental branding and brand audits.

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    Friday, October 23, 2009

    How a Lazy Can be Rich and Happy

    How a Lazy Can be Rich and Happy - Ahmad HidayatBy : Ahmad Hidayat

    This book really inspires my heart, which is as old as I was still working hard to make ends meet, while the emphasis in this book for what to work hard if only idly wish we could
    enjoy life more prosperous, wealthy and happy.

    Yes, this is really new discoveries exemplary by busy people who do not produce anything but fine.

    This is really a contradiction with the general opinion and my own opinions even from a religious viewpoint. Or perhaps we are less responsive to the concept of work in our own religion. But it is a truth that is very attractive to people. Almost all mankind want to relax with a big income, it is human. But why just Achmad Hidayat who can respond to this humanitarian concept?

    Many of my friends think Achmad Hidayat is a psychologist because he wrote the book leads to the core soul, as in his book Quality of Mental, Ask will be given, Desire, and this book especially. All leads to the core motivation that inspires people to be followed up.

    But he was just an ordinary person extraordinary. Relaxed and lazy is not how real property allegedly owned. He was so free to enjoy this life, as without the slightest sense of fear in his eyes.

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    Syekh Siti Jenar - Meaning of Death

    Syekh Siti Jenar - Meaning of DeathBy : Achmad Chodjim

    Islam teaches very controversial. If the other guardian of his time instilling Islamic acculturation,
    he built Islam in Java by way of assimilation, which is to be known as Islam or Islamic Javanese beliefs. Islam was born hard-faced but did not radiate coolness. As rahmatan lil'alamin. That Sheikh Siti Jenar, his presence has been reassuring and disturbing!

    This book examines the meaning of death as taught by people who more often misunderstood it. Why Death?

    According to the author of this book, Death underlying attitudes and actions through Siti Jenar in life. With the acquisition of qualified Java philosophy, combined with extensive knowledge of modern literature, Achmad Chodjim brings us explore the treasures of traditional wisdom about the secrets of nature, life, reason, nature and human existence, which was enriched by various religious arguments, as well as inspiring us to think critically, so that differences can be perceived as a blessing.

    In his speech, Chodjim further show how Siti Jenar is a more advanced thinkers of his time. Long before the spread of modern European thought of the 18th century until the 21st of democracy, openness, equality, freedom and brotherhood. Sheikh Siti Jenar has taught all of that in the 16th century.

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    Friday, October 16, 2009

    Go It Alone

    Go It AloneThe freedom to actualize the best capability for maximum results Bruce Judson

    Go It Alone! is the book for you have ever dreamed of owning your own business,
    either in the form of dreams or dreams that you dare not realize.

    This book is your Bangi, including;

  • The company's executives and employees who were or were out of work, seeking ways to get financial rewards and greater freedom in controlling life.
  • People who just lost her job due to corporate downsizing and is considering next steps.

  • who would benefit from innovative approaches recommended this book.

  • small companies who dream to start a business but lack of capital.
  • Parents who want to return to the world of work in his own way.
  • senior generation who want to create their own business, using their time, instead of the existing capital-with the flexibility of time.

    Small businesses - big Lucky

    I liked this book! I knew that the truth of the individual business owners, it would be good to focus on maximizing the effectiveness of what they do best and outsource the rest. I particularly noted that the hours spent on a website attempts to determine the problem (I am a writer and a mother's life coach, not web designer!), but to write or think of growing my business.

    Reading this book caused some of the practical and immediate changes in business strategy at home and I am very grateful to the author of their efforts.

    The real story is very inspiring.

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    Thursday, October 15, 2009

    Bucks from

    Blog advertisingBlogging is not only a way to express your thoughts or ideas, it is also a great source of extra income. This is good news for a bloggers who likes to play with PTR. There is a new PTR site, LinkFromBlog.Com. Many advantages that we get when we register. One of them is a bonus to each one of us when you managed and submit a blog to LinkFromBlog.Com activation.

    And interestingly you will get a bonus as well when you find a "bug" or trouble and then you report them.

    How's that? D'ya wanna? Register a free account at LinkFromBlog, and they will immediately give you a free gift: two e-books with tips, tricks and secrets:

    1st book is for Bloggers: How to make $1000 a month by working at LinkFromBlog, 2nd book is for Advertisers Tips For Success Blog Advertising.

    Is there a legitimate place in the blog advertising? Of course, there is it! One of the best place for bloggers to write a blog review with. The steps are quite simple. All you have to do is register your blog and activate it. After you receive your blog, you can start looking for offers of interest. If you find an offer, you can negotiate with advertisers and start writing.

    Another advantage is the acceptance of Indonesian-language blogs. So this certainly is very attractive to all of you who does not have an English blog, but that does not mean you could make a review with Indonesian language, the review still had to do in English.

    What are you waiting for?

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    Friday, October 9, 2009

    The Emergence of Gog Ma'jooj in Asia

    The emergence of Gog Ma'jooj in AsiaSyaikh Hamdi bin Hamzah Abu Zaid

    Proving that truth that was revealed by the Qur'an

    Gog and Ma'jooj (Ya'juj and Ma'juj).
    Two people who become historical monuments in the Qur'an. The phenomenon of violence and crime has always been a reference to them in the act. Two people who had allegedly by Muhammad SAW as a sign of the Day of Resurrection, when they were 'stretched' wake from their sleep for so long. Two people who can allegedly also have remaining strength of their glory in the past that would actually exceed the power of any current humanism.

    Rise of Asianism Resurrection or Asian nations that they sound everywhere will be the first step of exploration embodiment of their remaining strength. You may not realize it!

    What's in your mind when you get the phenomenon of technological advances, industry and economy in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea? Why North Korea is often determined to be contrary to the U.S., the regulator of the world? Have you ever been notice why the countries of the North -such as Siberia, Mongolia, Tibet, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and others- began not reluctant opened their identity in the international public, after the Soviet Union, one of the north country there, not even able to compete Uncle Sam's? All the new episodes start? What is clear, the next episode will occur. At least you should be aware that these two nations has indeed been 'awake'.

    This book will take you to find many fascinating historical facts that you probably never thought before, but was contained in the Qur'an for hundreds of years ago. One proof that the Qur'an is not an ordinary book of human engineered.

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    Tuesday, October 6, 2009

    Rocky Sung's - China Astrology's Guidance and Feng Shui

    Rocky Sung's - China Astrology's Guidance and Feng ShuiFor the year of the Goat (2003)

    This is a book that is very popular guide which combines astrology China with Feng Shui. Find your Zodiac and
    learn how to improve your fortunes in romance, life and work.

    Each year, more than 100,000 readers buy the book of China's annual guide from Rocky Sung. His predictions are unique and extraordinary tactics and Feng Shui is available in Indonesia.

    Master Rocky Sung regarded by many Feng Shui experts the most prominent in Asia at this time. He has created his own unique method of predicting by combining the traditional stars of China, the principles of Yin and Yang and the principles of Feng Shui.

    The book is easy to apply it to explain with clarity the various elements and include; China astrological forecast for the year 2003; year of Goat, a monthly forecast for your career, health and your personal relationships. An explanation of Feng Shui is a tactical - and how to maximize and minimize luck bad luck through the application of Feng Shui.

    Rocky Sung was born in China, raised in Hong Kong and completed his studies at the University of Illinois, United States. As a youth, he was educated by an expert of Feng Shui way of reading the flow of energy in the ground. Knowledge and expertise into the story material and now he has millions of followers in the community of China and the list of clients that includes many international companies.

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    Book Market in Indonesia

    Book Market in IndonesiaEssays

    Marketing problems in the publishing world is a life or death of a publication. How great a book, because it looks good,
    interesting style or content that educate without being balanced by success in the marketing field will become less significant. Ideals and aspirations of an editor should be combined with consumer acceptance in the marketplace.

    From the experience of practitioners publishing it early on, an editor has to think about the marketing aspects of products that are planned. The move was made together with their counterparts in the marketing department, leading to a productive synergy.

    Many things must be considered in the planning and production of a book production, strategy 4 P (Product, Place, Promotion, Price) is called a lot of key importance in a book great successful publish. But that strategy alone was not sufficient. Public reading must be educated and guided into the reader and consuming a good book.

    Meanwhile, the image of educators as a credible public institutions and bona fide should be built not only make quality products but also enhance self-image. Self-image was related to aspects of public service and related partners such as distributors, wholesalers, bookstores and distributors. Efforts had to be done continuously so that the existence of publishers in memory of everyone as possible.

    How to integrate the various strategies in the concrete business steps. The experience presented in this book can be listened to as a case study that can be processed and studied. The beggar books, student, businessman candidates could gain a lot of books of inspiration and benefit from the descriptions presented.

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    Monday, October 5, 2009

    Living The 7 Habits

    Living The 7 Habits'Storytelling is the perfect way to convey the message, and the stories in applying the 7 habits in daily life is also no exception. Covey again
    emphasized that the principles of the 7 habits can be applied and continue to affect individuals throughout the world. "

    In the ten years since the publication, The 7 Habits of highly Effective has invected the world, with more than twelve million readers in thirty-two languages.

    Applying the 7 Habits in everyday life; the stories of courage and inspiration, contains the core of real-life experience has proven to help them overcome problems and challenges challenges.

    Applying the 7 Habits in everyday life.

    Stephen R. Covey

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    Saturday, October 3, 2009

    101 Tips and Tricks for Twitter

    101 Tip dan Trik TwitterDo you think Twitter is a simple Microblogging site? Although you may already use this site for months, many things hidden that you might not know.

    You'll find 101 tips and tricks that will help you to be able to use Twitter more fun.
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    Wednesday, September 23, 2009

    Imaji Ijen - Resensi Buku Doa Ibu

    Imaji Ijen - Resensi Buku Doa IbuKebetulan sewaktu blogwalking, saya menemukan buku ini, buku yang lama tengah saya cari.. Thanx GOD I found it. Langsung saja jika temen-temen berkenan membaca resensinya,
    saya kopas langsung dari tempat asalnya dengan meminta izin terlebih dulu pastinya, walau ketika tulisan ini turun, sang empunya belum memberikan izinnya, tapi semoga berkenan buat penulis asalnya, terimakasih yang sebesar-besarnya tuk beliau.

    Sebagai pelukis, Ijen memiliki imajinasi yang sangat kuat. Ia memiliki kemampuan luar biasa menginterpretasikan sesuatu dalam tuangan dan goresan kuasnya. Itu yang membuat alur kehidupannya di dunia lukis menemukan puncaknya. Kariernya melejit hebat. Tak hanya dalam dunia lukis, namun juga dunia art pada umumnya, termasuk membidangi hal yang berbau artistik seperti event organizer pada tata panggung.

    Namun belakangan Ijen mengalami berbagai keanehan. Dalam sebuah pesta pernikahan temannya yang dihelat dengan bantuan Ijen, Dewanti sang pengantin wanita menghilang begitu saja. Lenyap tanpa bekas. Listrik yang tiba-tiba padam telah menjadikan semua warna berubah hitam. Dan ketika pendaran cahaya kembali ada, Dewanti sudah tak ada lagi. Lenyap tanpa sisa.

    Ijen berusaha keras mencari sahabatnya itu. Dalam upayanya mencari Dewanti, Ijen memasuki perjalanan yang sangat misterius. Sebuah perjalanan yang membawanya ke arah ketidakpastian yang sangat akut. Perjalanan yang kemudian mengubah takdirnya menjadi serba nisbi dan diliputi keanehan. Setiap ia bertemu dengan sahabat atau kenalannya, setiap itu pula sahabatnya tersebut hilang tanpa bekas. Tidak ada yang dapat terlacak sama sekali. Mereka hilang seperti hembusan angin. Tak ada mayat, bercak darah, pesan atau apapun.
    Sementara itu, pada sisi kehidupan yang lain, Madrim berduka. Suaminya Bintang Joyokusumo meninggal akibat serangan jantung.

    Dalam keadaan duka, ia menerima kunjungan dari banyak temannya. Iapun bertemu dengan istri simpanan suaminya. Ia juga menemukan banyak hal ganjil dalam kehidupannya. Kematian suaminya perlahan membuka tabir dan rahasia gelap yang menaungi Madrim. Banyak hal-hal yang tak diketahui orang akhirnya mulai terkuak, termasuk tentang cinta terlarang yang pernah dialaminya, tentang kehamilan, pengguguran kandungan dan kisah gelap lainnya. Madrim juga bertemu dengan Ijen, seseorang yang tak dikenalnya, namun akhirnya menuntunnya pada takdir yang mengejutkan.

    Ijen ternyata anak kandung Madrim. Dan hanya Madrim yang bisa menyaksikan Ijen, tidak ada orang lain, termasuk suami barunya, si Bisu. Ijen memberikan banyak sekali pengakuan kepada Madrim, yang membuatnya terbelalak dan terkejut. Dalam konteks ini, penulis novel Doa Ibu ini, Sekar Ayu Asmara tak hanya membuat tokoh-tokohnya terkejut. Ia juga membuat pembaca terkejut dengan alur cerita yang tiba-tiba berbelok. Ijen sejatinya adalah tokoh fiktif. Ia tidak pernah ada. Begitu juga teman-temannya mulai dari Dewanti hingga yang lainnya. Ijen adalah korban pengguguran kandungan Madrim, yang tiba-tiba ‘’hidup’’ dan menjadi dewasa. Sudah lama Madrim melantunkan doa-doa dan penyesalan atas apa yang dilakukan terhadap Ijen. Dan kini ia menemukan realitas yang tak biasa: Ijen.

    Novel Doa Ibu ini memang penuh kejutan. Awalnya tidak ada tanda-tanda bahwa novel ini berkisah tentang misteri kehidupan dan sekaligus kematian seperti yang ditulis mulai pertengahan novel. Alur ceritanya normal dan sangat biasa. Namun makin lama, misteri itu makin terasa dan dikejutkan dengan gelombang pengakuan dari tokoh-tokohnya.

    Sebuah imaji Ijen dan imaji tentang Ijen telah dihidupkan oleh pengarangnya. Sesuatu yang ganjil kemudian muncul perlahan-lahan. Novel ini seperti hendak memberikan sesuatu pelajaran penting kepada pembacanya tentang hidup dan mati, janin, cinta terlarang, yang dipaparkan dengan sosok Ijen. Sebuah imaji yang rumit tentunya.


    Oleh : Muhammad Amin

    Ini menjadi satu-satunya postingan saya yang berbahasa Indonesia, ya dikarenakan mendesaknya waktu yang ada sewaktu saya posting resensi buku ini. Semoga tetap berkenan :)

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    Friday, September 18, 2009

    Passion for Swinging - Swingers Chat City

    What the hell is a swinger anyway? This is a lifestyle in which adults, be it couples, groups, and much more are involved in sexual activity. This married couple free to swap sex partners in the amateur group or party.

    Since many of you have expressed interest in how to jump into the swinger lifestyle, I’ve put together some information that may take you more excited to be able in expressing your sex life. Your damn right, swingers chat is the answer.

    Millions of people there. You will easily be able to find people to talk to and can even open your own arrangement, meeting or gathering. This site is very amazing and although I've only been a member for fifteen days, I love the place and I can't ever leave it. This site really helped me get
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    Thursday, September 17, 2009

    Dialogue with a Genie

    The genie is a creature that is with us inhabiting this planet. Even their presence much earlier than humans. Jin is also an adult being subjected to laws and obligations as men, because they also have reason, passion and free will.

    Almighty God says: I created the jinn and man to worship Me.

    But because of its generally invisible to the human eye, so we sometimes get the wrong idea about the shape, nature and life of a genie.

    This book is trying to record the dialogue between the author, Muhammad Isa Dawud, with one Moslim Jin. Dialogue is so straightforward, so that makes this book really fun to read. From this dialogue, the reader will gain a variety of amazing new information about the real world of jinn. This book will stretch a little more of our perception is wrong about the form, character and life of the genie; since the origin of the jinn, so many events related to such disorders jinns demons and magic, along with ways of treatment.

    For each topic dialogue, the author adds a note referring to the Qur'an, the hadith of the Prophet, and the scientific findings in order to confirm the truth of the statement genie.

    This is the only book about the genie who was so full and interesting and delivered in language that is easy and simple.

    Readmore - Dialogue with a Genie

    Tuesday, August 18, 2009

    KIDUNG as an anger management

    KIDUNG untuk yang gemar marahOccasionally you should also read books such as novels rather heavy ballad works Mohammad Sobary the new date of launched on July 1st, yesterday.

    According to him, this novel, -so, this book is a novel-based on history. But this cultural if not novel is called the historical novel. His name is also fiction, the author reserves the right to add or reduce the story happened in the real world.

    Mr. Sobary, which are often writting in the columns of the mass media prefer the type of historical narrative in the novel. According to him, 'history becomes more meaningful, more talk, when it is not written as history, but when he is built in the form of a novel'. Ballad Novel.

    This novel is given the title Kidung (ballad) by the author because many things about life is seen from the aspect of which is called a ballad or music. So, it is expected that feel like listening to the libretto.

    Because any posts that is a ballad, a voice that will not come out hard. This also teaches the reader to voice soft. Said former Menteri Manpower and Transmigration Fahmi Idris, 'This book should be read by those who are happy to shout loud,' Maybe this book is for the politicians who often cry and cry to get their position or power.

    It seems this is a review of nih. I also. Who do membacabuku with this, you like the rage can be a bit more muted emotions. That, this book is important to increase the knowledge.

    Mohammad Sobary
    PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama
    262 pages

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    Tuesday, August 4, 2009

    Vacation Rentals Worldwide on owner and property managers with travelers in search of amount of space, equipment and vacation rentals homes as an alternative to hotels.

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    Saturday, August 1, 2009

    Harimau yang terbangun

    Setelah hiatus panjang selama hampir 3 bulan, akhirnya saya berkesempatan kembali untuk bercengkrama dengan blog Rakyat Merdeka Books ini dengan tampilan yang berbeda tentunya. Hahahha .. jumpa lagiii. Kita berjumpa lagi.

    Banyak pelajaran yang saya peroleh selama hiatus. Dari sekian banyak pelajaran tersebut, yang paling kuat menghujam dalam hati saya adalah mengenai penghargaan terhadap hidup. Betapa selama ini saya ternyata tidak mampu menghargai dengan layak atas apa-apa yang telah Tuhan berikan kepada saya.

    Hilang bukannya mati dimakan harimau atau pun diculik setan aborsi. Aku cuma hiatus aja sekalian ngurusin TA. Pertama sih niat hiatus cuma sekitar semingggu dua minggu lah. tapi gara2 banyak yg mesti dilakuin [baca : hibernasi, nonton, dan kegiatan ga penting lainnya] aku akhirnya hiatus ampe sekitar 2 bulanan lebih.

    Jadi nih ceritanya, aku lagi nyempatin waktu buat nge-blog lagi abis segitu lama nya ga pernah nulis., blogku pasti udah kangen untuk kujamah. haha...

    Eniwei, buat ningkatin semangat nge-blog lagi aku mutusin buat ganti layout. Jadi seperti yg lagi kamu liat, layout blog ini berubah menjadi serba temaram. Masih mirip seperti sebelumnya jika permasalahannya ada dikomposisi warnanya. Bagaimana? Kalian suka?

    Mungkin buat tulisan kali ni aku ga bakal banyak nulis dulu kali ya, intinya sih cuma mau publish layout baru aja. Insya Allah, oleh-oleh berupa catatan perjalanan akan saya post lebih lanjut. Saya juga ingin menyampaikan terimakasih atas kunjungan dan komen yang ditinggalkan selama saya hiatus

    Salam hormat saya, Andrii.

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    Tuesday, June 9, 2009

    Free from Google Books

    Free Google Book of the rumor is now circulating that Google Book Search already support two million book titles, and publishers diramaikan by 20,000, and the 70 domain of the world. The number of titles which is of course very much different with the Kindle (Amazon owned) only able to serve 240,000 titles and more benefits Cornwall Search the Google Book Search for free memberlakukannya this memanfaatan for all facilities in it, and to purchase any books for free without have to pay.

    So now you can easily find books school books, educational books, architecture books, and other lainnya.Yang opportunity I try when I try to find the Book Physics Book, Google Book Search directly provide its thousands of books have sequential book about physics in the show.

    Such as: Dictionary of physics: modern physics, Cartoon Physics, signs of al-Qur'an and as-Sunnah, Smart Learning about Science & Technology Physics, Physics Book Smart, Kumpulan Formula Junior Physics, Physics Formula Collection SMA, Practical Learning Physics, Quantum Ikhlas: Teknologi activation strength of the heart and many more others.

    Use Google Book Search.Com or The Book Indonesia
    Satu Lagi Kelebihan Fasilitas ini ternyata setelah saya Coba menggunakan kata kunci Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009 dapat di temukan Buku Buku yang relevan dengan tema Pemilu . One More Excess Facilities is enough after I Try to use keywords of Peace Campaign Election 2009 Indonesia can find at Books Books that are relevant to the theme of elections.

    Obviously Facilities Free Books from Google and this should be able to promote the Education and Science of Indonesia.

    And I strongly recommend this facility so that students' high school student elementary school and junior high school students can better maximize the ease of Google ini.Dalam framework for the National Exam in addition of course Download Soal Soal Test Nasional (UAN 2009) of course free from Google Books will be able to support this way students learning online.

    Readmore - Free from Google Books

    Free Download Depdiknas E-Book

    After several times I tried to e-book backed the ministry website '' it's always failed. After trying several times and ask for suggestions from fellas, they finally given me a link to some backed depkdiknas e-book from the fileserver jardiknas.

    "The aim" is so simple, I downloaded books for print & I made the master in order to photocopy school children in my environment.

    Hopefully this event I get the blessings & benefits ...


    Friendship greeting from me.

    For more detail, just go to original link : Kamal
    Thank you brow!!!

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    Wednesday, April 8, 2009

    La tahzan

    One of the best book, fenomenal and become best-seller in the world and in Indonesia. (DR 'Aidh Al-Qarni).

    Reading this book is a bit of give consciousness but found themselves in the book about the case above it is not complete so what is obtained for fully.
    Thank you.

    Readmore - La tahzan

    Kangen Band - New Album

    Click thumbnail to enlarge!

    Kangen Band simply appear from the low-community. Attendance Kangen Band indicator that a democratization play music to grow in this country.
    (Frans Sartono, Kompas reporters)

    Lyrics and songs Kangen band is able to create a silent the hatred.
    (Yenny Yudica, razor blade - RCTI)

    Kangen Band is still as the band of interest by community with the best rating and response community level.
    (Febry Meuthia, Music producer - SCTV)

    Kangen band appear is that they so separated in to create.
    (Zudarlis Elfira, Executive Producer, Insert - Trans TV)

    Kangen band is one of the pioneer Malay pop music modern and may have a nickname as the King of Pop Melayu.
    (Kertawiguna Rahayu, Presdir Nagaswara Music & Publishing)

    They come to realize the dream, hated by that do not understand, but until now much more love.
    (Radjasa Tri Adisukma, GM Universal Music Indonesia)

    Musically development of the first album to the third Kangen band have a lot of progress is quite significant.
    (Jusak Irwan Sutiono, Managing Director, Warner Music Indonesia)

    April 16, 2009

    Live performance
    April 18, 2009

    Readmore - Kangen Band - New Album

    Saturday, April 4, 2009

    The Four Musketeers

    Click thumbnail to Enlarge!

    There's no other shit... do not click

    I TOLD YOU...!!!

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    Our Distributor

    We want to create culture like India have to read and write,
    so we will give you the hi - quality books through your hands.

    RMBooks track record of intelligent action and real:
    loopy intellectual, activists, artists, bureaucrats politicians, celebrities,
    and even grassroot people.

    Address :

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    Tel. 021-53699507 (hunting)
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    Direct Distributor : My own self, Andri Zoom (+6221) 91137270

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    Friendly Islam to other Nation

    Author: Prof. Dr. Hamka passed Haq, MA.

    This book is to present a comprehensive understanding of the character grace for Islam to all nation. Through this approach reinterpretatif-fiqhiyah up a number of Al-Quran verses and message prophethood, the author offers an implementation that is compatible with Islamic in Indonesian breath and democracy.

    Syari'ah are contextually maqashid Syari'ah. This book discusses the full variety of dimensions related to the relationship of Islam and nationalism, among others; pluralism, and culturisation of Syari'ah, gender, justice, democracy, etc.

    Price: Rp 64,000

    Readmore - Friendly Islam to other Nation

    I am close, so do You

    Note a small representative of the people
    Author: A. Helmy Faishal Zaini

    Throbbing political struggle for small people clearly envisaged in this book. As a young politician, who was born from the field of reform activism in 1998, A. Helmy Faishal Zaini articulate to be able in progress and ideas in this book in a way that very return.

    Analyzed in a critical way to reform the nation at this time, and was carried out together with a number of writers during the political struggle in the DPR RI to get the final aim of policy in a number of people that a small pro.

    In addition, the strategy also described the political struggle through at the grassroots level.

    Price: Rp 38.000

    Readmore - I am close, so do You

    Friday, April 3, 2009

    23 Character Options of the Youth People

    Author: Dr. Aziz Syamsuddin

    In each historical episode, the youth always the role and function as agent of change. They are the people with excellent character.

    Among them are figures bin Umar Aziz Tan Malaka, and as a precedent in the field political, Larry Page and Akio Morita in the economic, Yap Thiam Hien and Baharuddin Lopa in the field of law,

    Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa in the field of religion and many Other leaders who have caracters which should be a role model for the young.

    This book includes 23 characters that are important to select and owned by the Indonesian youth.

    Price: Rp 35.000
    Readmore - 23 Character Options of the Youth People


    Manuscript : Ir. Sarjadi Soelardi Hardjosoepoetro
    Author: Ir. Sarjadi Soelardi Hardjosoepoetro

    Editor: Heru Lelono

    This book is the work of a very academic valuable and to be witness history from tussle in the land of sugar water, since the 1824 VOC until the time of intensification of sugar cane in 1976.

    In addition to review the history, this book also contains reviews, technical reviews and the sugar industry advices for writers to develop sugar industry from various aspects. Start from the management system, the pattern cooperation contracts with farmers, pricing sugar cane and others.

    Given the book review the history books that sugar very rarely found, then this book ought to read by the historian also by practitioners who wrestle in the sugar industry in the country.

    Rp. 75000 (Hard)
    Rp. 52000 (soft)
    Readmore - Sugar

    Arrange Party Politics

    In current of Indonesian Democratic
    Author: Firman Subagyo

    Establish a political party is the right of each citizen country. But democracy requires substance; the welfare of the people.

    The growth of political parties is the number of potential substance of the purpose of nation and the state. Stage should be a political event to improve the welfare of the race people, can turn the direction of interest only to the leader of the right party.

    In fact, a political party is a pillar of democracy. If the pillars are not strong, it will be a serious threat to the sustainability of democracy in Indonesia. Therefore, political parties had turned it back to the correct paths in the democratization in Indonesia, the responsibility of us all.

    Price: Rp 38.000
    Readmore - Arrange Party Politics

    Industry of Politics

    Politics of Investment Strategy

    Democracy in the Market

    Authors: Ruslan Ismail Mage

    This book contains strategies how to invest smartly in the political world. Capital may be small but results should be the maximum.

    Capital so that the planted sweet fruit in the political market, then the candidate the absolute need to understand the strategy investment more telling. Regardless of the capital will never be prepared enough if you do not know how to expenditure it -in other way- to spent it out. Conversely if the investment strategy, politics can be very cheap.

    For the politicians who want to fight in market democracy as a read this book.

    Price: Rp 42,000
    Readmore - Industry of Politics

    Secret prayer reading

    Cool meanings in the middle of worship devoted
    author: A. Fariz Immawan

    This is the book that criticize secret behind reading every prayer. A book that leads readers dive depth the meaning of worship that is done every day.

    Language with a lightweight and compact, this book is the one at a property reading prayer for the perpetrators themselves. It will bring to us how unprofitly of the empty and routines as stark. We will also be considered that prayer-book reading is in fact consistent, co-exist and continue to connect from the beginning to the end, since the takbir prayers.

    Truly, the book is rich from the meaning and worthy to be read.

    Price: Rp 35.000

    Readmore - Secret prayer reading