Friday, October 23, 2009

How a Lazy Can be Rich and Happy

How a Lazy Can be Rich and Happy - Ahmad HidayatBy : Ahmad Hidayat

This book really inspires my heart, which is as old as I was still working hard to make ends meet, while the emphasis in this book for what to work hard if only idly wish we could
enjoy life more prosperous, wealthy and happy.

Yes, this is really new discoveries exemplary by busy people who do not produce anything but fine.

This is really a contradiction with the general opinion and my own opinions even from a religious viewpoint. Or perhaps we are less responsive to the concept of work in our own religion. But it is a truth that is very attractive to people. Almost all mankind want to relax with a big income, it is human. But why just Achmad Hidayat who can respond to this humanitarian concept?

Many of my friends think Achmad Hidayat is a psychologist because he wrote the book leads to the core soul, as in his book Quality of Mental, Ask will be given, Desire, and this book especially. All leads to the core motivation that inspires people to be followed up.

But he was just an ordinary person extraordinary. Relaxed and lazy is not how real property allegedly owned. He was so free to enjoy this life, as without the slightest sense of fear in his eyes.