Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bucks from

Blog advertisingBlogging is not only a way to express your thoughts or ideas, it is also a great source of extra income. This is good news for a bloggers who likes to play with PTR. There is a new PTR site, LinkFromBlog.Com. Many advantages that we get when we register. One of them is a bonus to each one of us when you managed and submit a blog to LinkFromBlog.Com activation.

And interestingly you will get a bonus as well when you find a "bug" or trouble and then you report them.

How's that? D'ya wanna? Register a free account at LinkFromBlog, and they will immediately give you a free gift: two e-books with tips, tricks and secrets:

1st book is for Bloggers: How to make $1000 a month by working at LinkFromBlog, 2nd book is for Advertisers Tips For Success Blog Advertising.

Is there a legitimate place in the blog advertising? Of course, there is it! One of the best place for bloggers to write a blog review with. The steps are quite simple. All you have to do is register your blog and activate it. After you receive your blog, you can start looking for offers of interest. If you find an offer, you can negotiate with advertisers and start writing.

Another advantage is the acceptance of Indonesian-language blogs. So this certainly is very attractive to all of you who does not have an English blog, but that does not mean you could make a review with Indonesian language, the review still had to do in English.

What are you waiting for?