Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Book Market in Indonesia

Book Market in IndonesiaEssays

Marketing problems in the publishing world is a life or death of a publication. How great a book, because it looks good,
interesting style or content that educate without being balanced by success in the marketing field will become less significant. Ideals and aspirations of an editor should be combined with consumer acceptance in the marketplace.

From the experience of practitioners publishing it early on, an editor has to think about the marketing aspects of products that are planned. The move was made together with their counterparts in the marketing department, leading to a productive synergy.

Many things must be considered in the planning and production of a book production, strategy 4 P (Product, Place, Promotion, Price) is called a lot of key importance in a book great successful publish. But that strategy alone was not sufficient. Public reading must be educated and guided into the reader and consuming a good book.

Meanwhile, the image of educators as a credible public institutions and bona fide should be built not only make quality products but also enhance self-image. Self-image was related to aspects of public service and related partners such as distributors, wholesalers, bookstores and distributors. Efforts had to be done continuously so that the existence of publishers in memory of everyone as possible.

How to integrate the various strategies in the concrete business steps. The experience presented in this book can be listened to as a case study that can be processed and studied. The beggar books, student, businessman candidates could gain a lot of books of inspiration and benefit from the descriptions presented.