Friday, October 23, 2009

Syekh Siti Jenar - Meaning of Death

Syekh Siti Jenar - Meaning of DeathBy : Achmad Chodjim

Islam teaches very controversial. If the other guardian of his time instilling Islamic acculturation,
he built Islam in Java by way of assimilation, which is to be known as Islam or Islamic Javanese beliefs. Islam was born hard-faced but did not radiate coolness. As rahmatan lil'alamin. That Sheikh Siti Jenar, his presence has been reassuring and disturbing!

This book examines the meaning of death as taught by people who more often misunderstood it. Why Death?

According to the author of this book, Death underlying attitudes and actions through Siti Jenar in life. With the acquisition of qualified Java philosophy, combined with extensive knowledge of modern literature, Achmad Chodjim brings us explore the treasures of traditional wisdom about the secrets of nature, life, reason, nature and human existence, which was enriched by various religious arguments, as well as inspiring us to think critically, so that differences can be perceived as a blessing.

In his speech, Chodjim further show how Siti Jenar is a more advanced thinkers of his time. Long before the spread of modern European thought of the 18th century until the 21st of democracy, openness, equality, freedom and brotherhood. Sheikh Siti Jenar has taught all of that in the 16th century.