Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Parenting Book - Just for Parents

Parenting Book - Just for ParentsMandatory Reading Parents & Educators - Good for Parents, Teachers, Educators.

Just for Parents - The second book is a continuation of our first book - Family Discovery Way, family management guidance quality.

The first and second books will complement each reader to build quality family and become effective parents - after understanding why and how to build a family of course, we need to learn and understand how to treat the child, identify parenting styles of parents in developing the potential of children.

This book consists of twelve sections which are expected to be practiced daily, this book is very applicable to the availability of facilities (field) to perform a reflection and create an improvement plan. With this tool makes the book Just for Parents become interactive, is ideal for learning materials can be used as training, seminars and workshops for parents and educators.

The content taught us all as parents and educators to be able to recognize the threat of "family mines" that could "explode" at any time, if we do not learn and avoid them. We are taught to understand about prinsisp 5-T (Time, Telling, Teaching, Training, Together), identify the types we as parents, realize that the child is the subject of the family then this will help us become more effective parents.

Anticipating mines limited time between the parents for the child who is an everyday occurrence, but we find it hard to avoid it. Parents often see negative things in the child without seeing the opposite then it makes them apathetic and pessimistic.

The attitude of parents who are inconsistent, often instill false perception to the child about how we should behave to face this life, sometimes even wrong to impose discipline and very often a problem solver for the children - these things are not going to solve our problems. Do not forget we also have to start teaching children responsible for what they did early on.

In the boo of Just for Parents available practical tips that can help us simply to learn, understand, contemplate and make plans for improvement, all applicative thoroughly reviewed in the book Just for Parents - only special for Indonesian Families.

PRICE: Rp.35.000, - in Jakarta.

Can be purchased at the Gramedia bookstore.

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