Monday, December 14, 2009

Gagal itu Baik

Gagal itu BaikBuild your own potential with the power fail finding energy boundless success of the newly emerging after we experienced a failure.

Many people collapsed after one failure, while others bounce back and succeed. What distinguishes them? Apparently, they ignore the 'gift' which called FAILURE.

Do not be afraid of failure. Because failure is beautiful, delicious, fun, challenging, motivating and causing a huge success. So should we see the failure from a positive perspective, as the initial phase of success, as we shall remember as the most beautiful memories.

In this book, Nistains Odop change our perspective about the failure. If we believe that true success begins dai change of mind, then this book about the failure of the stake will put you on the way of success.

Publisher Media Pressindo

Nistains Odop