Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Meet Imam Mahdi the conqueror of Dajjal

Meet Imam Mahdi the conqueror of DajjalNarrated by Abdullah ra; "When we were with the Prophet suddenly came a young man from Banu Hashim, which transformed his face. That's why we say,
Muhammad, we had a quick look at your face something that we are not glad to see him. Nabi Allah said, We are the Ahlul Bait. God has chosen for our lives from the life Hereafter. And the Ahlul baitku be killed after me, the face of disaster, displaced and persecuted, until one day the owner came a flag, black flag from the east There are demanding the truth. The people do not give it. They fought and ultimately, victory. They give them what they want, but they do not want to accept it. And they menyerahkannyakepada a man from the Ahl al baitku. Then he filled the earth with justice same as before they filled it with oppression.

Therefore whoever of you have those days, let him come even have to crawl on the snow. Because he was al-Mahdi [Mahdi].

Following the successful first three books have been published previously, dialogue with the Muslim jinn (March 1995), The Earth's inhabitants before we (July 1996) and Dajjal will emerged from the Bermuda Triangle (September 1996) this time Muhammad Isa Dawud comes back with his fourth book.

In this book described the following particulars Mahdi terjangnya football in eradicating and combating injustice, uphold justice and truth and destroy the evil forces of the Antichrist and his followers at the end of time.