Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dialogue with a Genie

The genie is a creature that is with us inhabiting this planet. Even their presence much earlier than humans. Jin is also an adult being subjected to laws and obligations as men, because they also have reason, passion and free will.

Almighty God says: I created the jinn and man to worship Me.

But because of its generally invisible to the human eye, so we sometimes get the wrong idea about the shape, nature and life of a genie.

This book is trying to record the dialogue between the author, Muhammad Isa Dawud, with one Moslim Jin. Dialogue is so straightforward, so that makes this book really fun to read. From this dialogue, the reader will gain a variety of amazing new information about the real world of jinn. This book will stretch a little more of our perception is wrong about the form, character and life of the genie; since the origin of the jinn, so many events related to such disorders jinns demons and magic, along with ways of treatment.

For each topic dialogue, the author adds a note referring to the Qur'an, the hadith of the Prophet, and the scientific findings in order to confirm the truth of the statement genie.

This is the only book about the genie who was so full and interesting and delivered in language that is easy and simple.