Tuesday, August 18, 2009

KIDUNG as an anger management

KIDUNG untuk yang gemar marahOccasionally you should also read books such as novels rather heavy ballad works Mohammad Sobary the new date of launched on July 1st, yesterday.

According to him, this novel, -so, this book is a novel-based on history. But this cultural if not novel is called the historical novel. His name is also fiction, the author reserves the right to add or reduce the story happened in the real world.

Mr. Sobary, which are often writting in the columns of the mass media prefer the type of historical narrative in the novel. According to him, 'history becomes more meaningful, more talk, when it is not written as history, but when he is built in the form of a novel'. Ballad Novel.

This novel is given the title Kidung (ballad) by the author because many things about life is seen from the aspect of which is called a ballad or music. So, it is expected that feel like listening to the libretto.

Because any posts that is a ballad, a voice that will not come out hard. This also teaches the reader to voice soft. Said former Menteri Manpower and Transmigration Fahmi Idris, 'This book should be read by those who are happy to shout loud,' Maybe this book is for the politicians who often cry and cry to get their position or power.

It seems this is a review of nih. I also. Who do membacabuku with this, you like the rage can be a bit more muted emotions. That, this book is important to increase the knowledge.

Mohammad Sobary
PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama
262 pages