Monday, December 14, 2009

Speak up your mind with Ooma

Allow me to start my writing this time by saying that I've really left the traditional telephone service and switch to the Ooma phone with unlimited calls cost low across America. If I used to make a call, I can say that this product sounds more clear than using conventional phone!

Okay okay okay, enough about the quality of the sound... So how about the settings anyway?

Convenience buttons on the Ooma can I use to listen to messages, call display, etc., is very great satisfactory. Please note that I hate voice mail so much because of the inconvenience of how to use it. Now, I only press, listen, delete, save, skip, pause, and stop. Voila! Could not be easier!

Thank you for reading this simple ooma review. I hope this can be a little help for you all when you guys intend to make a purchase online!