Monday, December 14, 2009

Rolex Submariner

Rolex SubmarinerRolex Submariner is one type of clock that I want to have in my collection. I am not willing to have several Rolex Datejust rolex origin can have this type. My ultimate goal is to Rolex with a date ref.16610 because I think the responsibility has at no date.

My preference of Submariner No Date (ND) change when I entrusted a Rolex Sub-ND from a friend who will be given to my other friends. It was my first time to see, touch and attention to detail of the Sub-ND. Apparently my opinion to be changed! Sub ND turned out to be at a very elegant without losing his masculine element.

The design is very simple and because there is no function on the whole face became visible at symmetrical and clean. I also observe that the first generation of Submariner also do not use the date and the design after. Finding and collecting items like this is really fun.