Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bidder tired bearers mission

Bidder tired bearers missionAdvices from our Prophet

Your fatigue and pain have finished. Everything turned into joy, prosperity, and pleasure. Rewards and again rewards has been apparent to you, and God will add more of His gifts.

He also will glorify you with glory in accordance with glory and mercy. At that moment you will wish if only your business in this religious path more and more. If you wake up at night because God is more and more active again. If you sacrifice in Allah's way is more and more. If your going away from the world more frequently and much more.

In fact, you wish such as a martyr, if only you are returned to the world and killed in Allah's way, then turned on, then killed again because you've witnessed the grace and glory bestowed on the martyrs.

Dr. Abdullah Azzam