Friday, November 13, 2009

Life is easy!

Life is easy!A simple shortcut to live our destiny

In this modern era, with the rapid change and intense competition, we are often busy to the point of fatigue
because we believe that success can be achieved only at the expense of a balanced lifestyle. However, most successful people do not have to work too hard. In Do Less, Achieve More, the international bestselling author Chin-Ning Chu explains how to avoid this cycle and at the same time learn to be peaceful and productive.

In this book we will learn about;


  • Three secrets of our potential
  • Focusing on the work, focusing action, and balancing life
  • Achieve goals by working and surrender without having fear
  • Time and peace of mind to enjoy the work

    In a chaotic world, Chin-Ning Chu, an expert changes the twenty-first century and farsighted, slow our heart rate and inspire our souls yearning eternal success. The combination of unlimited policies and the right advice for the victory himself.

    Chin-Ning Chu