Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dynamic Memory Methode

A Mantra to Develop Brain.

Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, an authority in brain and learning techniques and National memory record holder, combines ancient wisdom and latest scientific Key Techniques of Memory (KTM), as a way to memory development. In his book,
Dynamic Memory Methode, the young Memory Consultant has given tips regarding the use of scientific memory techniques for memorising faster and retaining it longer.

Based on mnemonics (artificial aids to learning) and lawsof controlled association, the simple mental exercises mentioned in the book enhancces reader's observation and concentration in an amazing way.

The regular practice of various techniques mentioned inculcates the habit of using creative (Right) part of brain and thus the brain's capacity is optimised owing to balanced use of both logical (Left) and creative part of the brain.

The book teaches 100 memory codes of memory language which help the reader in developping mental catalogue so that they can make their recalling and remembering effective.