Thursday, April 15, 2010

Muhammad S.A.W.

Sheikh Muhammad Ali al-Birgawi

Moral and Spiritual Enchantment of the Apostles

To emulate the Prophet's way of life is a requirement to love and be loved by God. Say, If you love Allah, follow me, Allah will love you (Q. 3:31). As confirmed by a creed, we will not be able to the core of la ilaha illallah Muhammad without going through the door. Because Muhammad is the Shari'a in human form. Because of the way to God must follow the path of Muhammad.

Al Thariqoh Muhammadiyah - the original title of this book, mnyajikan beautiful and profound description of the sunnah of Allah Rasululloh., Traits, attitudes, habits and forms of worship. More than a handbook on law and ethics, the work of classical scholars is to improve the quality of spiritual guidance. This book will guide readers step by step to understand, appreciate and emulate the spiritual moral consciousness of the Prophet Muhammad-the model of all time.

Sufi of Muhammad became a valuable friend to the believers who want to feel the sweetness of the nature of prophethood and always striving toward the spiritual path of Allah SWT.

"This work is like rain water that nourish the spiritual soil in a long while barren and dry. Imam al Birgawi trying to turn the sunna of Muhammad not only with his behavior as is necessary (the prophet), but also by teaching people how to digest the spiritual experience of the Prophet. In this way, readers can find personal solutions to problems of the age, buakn just repeating the past answers.

Vincent J. Cornell. Professor of History and Director
Fadh King Center for Middle East and Islamic Studies
University of Arkansas.