Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Think from you awake

Is a huge gift, Almighty Allah bestows sense to humans. Humans can make sense to think which one is best for themselves. Something that sets it apart from other creatures of God, animals for example.

But man lives not only with their minds, but also with passion. In the course of life, not infrequently even the desire to be the commander of the king. More extreme, to enslave their minds. And during that time, be a man; blind ', unable to think. Just like animals, and even more astray again.

Supposing life is only the world, to hell with it all. Human free-living freely, which is important I'm glad I won. But Allah the mighty Creator, the All Knowing and (hence) the All Wise did not want that.

All human kind need and must use their minds to think for the sake of potential future. If negligent, would be sorry. Trouble is, when it should begin?

Harun Yahya

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