Monday, February 7, 2011

10 tips to a happy marriage

Marriage or you can say this perkahwinan is a form of merging of the two lovebirds into a single common purpose. And one purpose of marriage is to achieve lasting happiness with a spouse. However, the road to happiness is not always smooth. Many obstacles, challenges and problems that sometimes thwart the course of the household. Well, how do we anticipate that our household palace from shaking? Here are 10 tips to a happy marriage.

1. Love
Love is a powerful energy to develop and refine your personality and your husband.

2. Faith
With only love, it is certainly not enough to create a happy marriage. The principle of faith to choose a husband who is also one of the key in achieving domestic bliss.

3. Mutual trust
Without mutual trust between husband and wife, marriage would not have run smoothly. Mutual trust will get you in feeling safe and comfortable.

4. Sex
Marriage without sex can be spelled like vegetables without salt. Bland. Yes, sex is necessary. And although sexual activity is actually aiming to obtain offspring, but humans have also developed a sex to achieve happiness with her life partner.

5. Economic
Most of the time in the family today, especially young couples urban areas, is to make a living.

6. The presence of children
Children are a divine gift that has a high value. Marriage without the presence of children often trigger a separate issue or something.

7. Avoid third-party
Marriage life is its own autonomy, which should not be interfered with by others, let alone a third party. The presence of a third party intervene or influence and into the family authority, could create a disaster for the household.

8. Keeping romance
Sometimes, couples who had been long enough to build palace household no longer care about this one. No words of praise, dinner together, even the attention of any such expensive items. In fact, keeping the romance required by married couples until whenever, not just when they were dating.

9. Communication
Communication is also one of the pillars of a great husband-wife relationship. Loss of communications means also lost one of the pillars of the home.

10. Mutual praise and attention
Although trivial, praise or attention for most influencing her husband, and vice versa. Uncomplimentary remark will further strengthen the bonds of husband and wife.