Thursday, February 17, 2011

Black candidate against the former first lady

The duel between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is an easy target for the media. Democratic presidential candidate still have to determine in the battle that has lasted for months, ensuring itself as the center of attention of Americans. But this fact seems to be changing rapidly, the article Republican John McCain has set as a candidate. This is a threat to the Democratic Party.

"Calm down.. calm down!", says former U.S. President Bill Clinton from the Democrats to colleagues lately who are concerned that the Democratic Party will be weakened due to competition between presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Democrats also fear that gripped the residents will flock to turn to solo candidate John McCain. Bill Clinton to calm his partner by saying, they will win in 2012 presidential election if everyone calm and let the others speak.

Bill Clinton wants to return to the White House to accompany his wife. But, Barak Obama pocketed 130 more votes in the Democratic poll and determined to become president.