Saturday, February 26, 2011

Medieval Helms

In medieval times, there are many wars, the conquest of the region, and fighting. So it needed a good weapon and shield to ensure the victory will be obtained. Over time, and the development of knowledge, humans have created many of the technologies in making a good armor, and continue to change for the better and better.

With just one word, war, it gives also the concept of weapons to fight, and armor from weapons assault. I am talking about medieval helms here. It is worn to our protection, also as a status symbol and a distinctive style in the Middle Ages. Initially, armor consisting of layers of soft fabric and clothing chain (chain mail), and this chain armor is one of the first and most primitive thing used by the knights of the Middle Ages. Harness in use to protect themselves from assault weapons, it needs good material to be able to make strong armor, the materials used are copper, bronze and steel.

The better the materials used, the better also wear armor that a knight. The soldiers were wearing their chains in a form such as clothes, leggings, and coif (like headgear) Because this armor -made of iron materials- are prepared by hand, and connected by way of nailing, to prevent iron-like iron chains were scattered and messy. In addition, the knights also wore clothes made of soft fabric (padded garment) called 'aketon' or 'gambeson'. And there are also other extras such as shields and helmets. That's what I'm talking about.

Because of the growing weapons, armor chain then it is less able to protect users from weapons assault, especially since the weapons like the crossbow was found. Clothes chain does not provide a solid protection from assault weapons, it needed a more powerful protector again, and known than the medieval armor made from expensive materials, fully covers the entire body, and made with the right size so it can be used with the fit by the wearer.. just like that Helms. Jump to to get more information about that.