Saturday, February 26, 2011

Metformin Information

Metformin is an oral agent antihiperglikemik biguanid group for people with diabetes mellitus without dependence on insulin. Mechanism of metformin is appropriately unclear, although metformin may improve hepatic and peripheral sensitivity to insulin without stimulating insulin secretion and decreased absorption of glucose from the gastrointestinal tract.

Metformin Weight Loss only reduce blood glucose levels in a state of hyperglycemia and does not cause hypoglycemia when administered as a single drug. Metformin does not cause weight gain and even tends to cause weight loss.


Metformin Dosage should be given together with food or after meals in divided doses.
Tablet 500 mg
Dose: 3 x daily 1 tablet
Tablet 850 mg
Initial dose: 1 x daily 1 tablet (morning)
Maintenance Dose: 1 tablet 2 times daily (morning and evening)

Determination of blood sugar levels after administration of a dose tested does not indicate whether a person with diabetes will respond to metformin. Maximum effect may only be obtained after the patients received metformin treatment for weeks and therefore single-dose experiments can not be used for assessment.