Saturday, February 26, 2011

Medieval Weapons

Many myths and legends from medieval England describes the heyday of the knights, kings of greedy expand their territory and fierce battles between good and evil. In short, they tell stories about great heroes.

Hollywood once again found the back of the popular medieval legend with the movie "Robin Hood". Of course you know him very well :p. A gorgeous fighter for justice and an expert shot, Robin Hood led a revolt against corruption. While we do not get a peek at the film, we get a glimpse of the weapons of war used by the knights and heroes that made legends of their past.

Medieval Crossbows from

Ancient cultures had make arrows from 25.000 to 30.000 years ago. Even bows and arrows found in the 3rd century in Greece. Medieval crossbows were made from a piece of felksibel material, usually wood. A string connected at both ends to make it tense. The arrow has a vertical wooden rod with the hairs on the ends for balance. Arrowhead originally made of wood burned, but later replaced with stone, bone and metal.

In middle age in Europe, the archer is the sniper of the time that can shoot arrows up to 250 yards, depending on the length of arc. It can shoot up to 450 yards. Since the 1600s, a bow and arrow developed rapidly with the discovery and use of gunpowder. Visit the site for more information about all kind of middle age artworks.